The Plant Path

Herbalism is not simply about the study of plants and their therapeutic value. It is a continual cultivation of values and philosophies towards nature and all of creation. It is a dual appreciation of beauty as well as function. Nature is our provider and our teacher. The therapeutic benefits of nature is layered. It may come directly through fragrance, flavours, or sounds; but it may also come through the subtle body of intuition and imagination.


A deep reverence and gratitude towards all living things illuminates our connection to the larger processes of life. This allows us to re-connect to our true internal psychological nature, and so begins a true holistic healing of mind, body and soul. The plant path is about discovering our vital roots of existence while remembering we and the world we inhabit is magick.

I began my herbal awakening when I began to download stories from nature and found particular peace and comfort amongst the trees. I became curious to learn more and so began a formal study of herbalism. After dedicating years to theoretical study, the desire to get back amongst the plants was strong. Herbal medicine is an endless exploration and I invite you to walk with me, barefoot on the dirt and perhaps, stirred from the whisper of trees, you might begin to breathe, dance, sing and dream. 


The plant path is available to everyone irrespective of location. Start where you are and practice in a way that aligns with you and your life's prayer.

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Dee Why Beach

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