About Barbara

Common ailments

Hormonal imbalance

Stress management

Insomnia and sleep disturbances


Digestive bloating & intolerances

Complex digestive complaints


Chronic fatigue/Glandular fever

Adrenal insufficiency/overload

Transition to healthy lifestyle

Earth Magick founder, Barbara Bevilacqua, is a degree qualified Western Herbal Medicine practitioner passionate about providing you with the highest quality medicinal herbal support. A herbalist's primary role is an educator and partner, focused on educating you, the client, on how to best enhance your body's innate healing capacity and thus, restoring balance. A herbalist neither diagnoses nor directly treats disease, rather the intention is to consider the client's individual constitution and nature in order to recommend the most appropriate herbal, dietary and lifestyle changes specifically for the individual. In this way, you are supported to achieve the highest state of health consistent with your health goals. A herbalist is able to serve as part of your healthcare team; working collaboratively with alternative and conventional modalities as appropriate.

Whether you are looking to optimise and maintain your current health or you’re supporting a chronic health picture, Barbara’s main goal is tangible results - physical, emotional and spiritual while supporting ethical and sustainable plant practices and a deep respect for the natural world. 


Herbal medicine entails the commitment to establish healthy habits and the willingness to address underlying issues. As a mobile service, Barbara can come to you for a private consultation and devise herbal remedies specific to your health needs.

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