Mystical Musings from Nature

A story about true connection and feeling our way beyond the veil of illusion.

The Island

The island saw the dance of the wind and longed to join her amongst the clouds. He watched her dip between mountains and glide over cliffs, only to crash amongst the ocean waves in a crescendo. Everything was always coming and going while he stayed, stuck. The island looked towards his father sun, shining brightly in the sky, knowing it was only a matter of time until he too, departed. ‘Why is it that everything leaves me? It makes me feel so alone.’ The sun replied, ‘Every day I rise, I stroke you with my warm rays and when I leave, I reflect my light back to you through your mother’s face. Look across the way, where your brother lies and see how the ocean plays between you while embracing you each, connecting him to you. The loneliness is an illusion, small one, it is your thoughts that breathe the shape into your days.’ The island’s lonely words haunted mother moon and when the sun dipped below the horizon, she caressed his earth with silver fingers that softened the edges of the night. Hanging high between the islands, she glinted a silver stream of jewels across the ocean, swollen full and round with love. She was proud of the leaf, who had learned about the courage to change; of the wind, who had recognised her power; and of the island, who was learning to see through the veil of illusion. Tomorrow would be another day, filled with new trials and adventure but for now, she sung her children a lullaby and enfolded them under her protection.

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Dee Why Beach

New South Wales, 2099

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